Hvar, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

How did we get there?

The island of Hvar can only be reached by ferry. It is a large island, but it does not have an airport, but nothing is lost because the ferry trip provides a lot of endorphins, and it only takes two hours from Split. You can enjoy amazing views of nature, mountains, birds and other boats. When you get to the island of Hvar, you will find that you are in Stari Grad, as it is the main port of the island. There is also a port in the town of Hvar, but most of the boats going there are luxury yachts and not commercial cruises. A more commercial and secondary port is Sucuraj, from where you can sail to Drvenik in half an hour.

Which location did we choose?

We decided to go to the town of Hvar to have constant access to the nightlife, but at the same time the peace and quiet we found 2 km from the city center. Once you reach the town of Hvar you will not be disappointed, this beautiful town offers a variety of restaurants, nightlife, a beautiful port, a large fortress and numerous beaches where you will surely relax during your vacation. Hvar is close to beautiful beaches such as Pokojny Dol, Robinson, Makecevica.

Which restaurants did we dined in?

These are just examples of places, but the city of Hvar has such a wide range of dishes offered that it is difficult to choose the best one. Even vegans will find plenty of choice. Hvar is a city of prosperity, this can be seen by the beautiful boats and famous people who visit this island.

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