Sardegna, Italy

Sardegna, Italy

Who is our Special Artist Guest?

With great honor and pleasure, we would like to announce that the wonderful calming and relaxing music of MichaΕ‚ Malewski will be featured on our published videos from Sardinia. You can find Michal on Spotify as well on Youtube. He has started recently his artistic career. We would like to thank him very much for agreeing to reflect the beauty of Sardegna through his magical and inspiring The Minimalistic Seven album. Please find below links if you wish to observe Michal.

Which Sardegna location did we choose?

For someone who has never been to Sardinia, it is worth booking 2-3 places to sleep. For us it was Tertenia, Palau and Alghero, and certainly a rental car. Topographically, Sardinia is a mountainous island with many archipelagos and a huge variety of landscapes. When you choose a location and rent a car, make sure that the exit route is easily accessible, because you can sometimes spend half of your vacation in serpentines. The east of the island is quite quiet for tourists, so if you are looking for a quiet holiday you will not be disappointed. The north is more commercial and more expensive, but with that comes its beauty. The color of the water that can be found there is reminiscent of the tropics and beautiful rocks wonderfully decorate the area.

How can you get there?

As every Island there is a many flights and 3 main airports: Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia

In season most of the country's bigger cities have regular flights with Ryanair 2-ce a week. We chose arrival to Cagliari and departure from Alghero to visit as many places as we can. Of course, like every island, it also has many ports. In addition to those where we have airports, there are also Santa Teresa, Porto Torres and many smaller ones such as Palau, Golfo Aranchi and Arbatax, many cruises have offers straight to Sardinia.

Which locations did we filmed?

Which restaurants did we dined in?

As for the number of restaurants, it is difficult to list them all, but the better ones can certainly be recognized by the fee added to the bill (coperto), the higher the fee, the better the restaurant. An important thing, when someone recommends the name of a restaurant, be sure to check the location because they often have similar names and then you may be disappointed when it's not the one you expected.

I also don't agree that Italians get upset when you order cappuccino with lunch, they simply don't eat that way, but they understand that tourists come from different regions of the world with different habits.

However, it is worth switching to the Sardinian culture while there, it makes life much easier. When wine serves us well for long evenings, in the morning coffee ( for hangover) and a sweet breakfast start to go well together 😊.

Below are the two in Palau that we can definately recommend:

Which animals did we meet?

Which video summs up the trip?

  • πŸ“Ί Sardegna - coming soon