Pedra Longa

Italy, Santa Maria Navarrese, Sardegna

Pedra Longa is a beautiful narrow limestone column, 128 m high. It can be reached by a beautiful winding route from Santa Maria Navarrese or Arbatax by car or boat from the sea. Pedra Longa is appreciated for its steep slopes that make for great climbs, and the underwater world is a paradise for divers, all these delights can be seen by turning off the SS125 route onto the beautiful serpentine leading to the destination and bearing the same name. Along the way, you will be enchanted by goats, freely grazing on the slopes of the mountains, whose sounds can be heard along the entire route. The mountain itself is the beautiful culmination of Fales Ichnus, a popular climbing spot in the commune of Baunei. If you have the opportunity to go there, the view of the mountains will delight you, we highly recommend visiting them.